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Fontainebleau Coaching Holiday

The Fontainebleau Workshops 2016

Autumn Trip: 3rd - 10th September

Without doubt the best way of improving your technique! A week of technique coaching set on the fabled sandstone boulders of Fontainebleau (just south of Paris).

This week is for climbers of all abilities who share the desire to push themselves and progress to new levels.

Hosted by Adrian Berry and Gareth Parry.

More info and online booking here.

Fontainebleau Coaching Holiday

The Kalymnos Workshops 2016

September 17th - 24th

The original coaching holiday set on the fabulous Greek island of Kalymnos. Offering a choice of workshops for differing levels of ability and including a series of evening presentations, this is a trip that ever climber should do ... at least once.

Hosted by Adrian Berry and Gareth Parry.

More info and online booking here.


What is climbing coaching?

Climbing coaching is the teaching of all the 'positive' aspects of climbing; the postitive aspects are what get you to the top of the route or boulder problem that you've set your sights on.

Climbing coaching includes the teaching of good technique, but it is far more than that: it incorporates the world of tactics: in other words, how to plan your climbing so that you make the very best of what you already have.

Climbing coaching covers the psychological aspects of climbing - self-belief is incredibly important, and a confident approach on a climb is a far greater asset than the latest in climbing gear!

Lastly, climbing coaching gives us a fresh perspective on what our strengths and weaknesses are, and will allow individuals to follow structured training plans to work on physical and psychological improvement areas.

What climbing coaching isn't!

Climbing coaching does not focus on the safety aspects of climbing. These are the incredibly important 'negative' aspects of climbing - concerning how 'not' to hurt yourself or others in what is a potentially dangerous activity. Only climbers who are confident in taking responsibility for their own safety in their chosen area of climbing are ready to receive coaching.