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Gorge du Tarn

Sylvain Berger on the brilliant Les Couilles au Cul (7a), Figues au Cul, the Gorge du Tarn. A section of one of the photos from my guidebook to the Langedoc area.

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Sport Climbing+

Sport Climbing+ by Adrian Berry and Steve McClure (Edition 2 - 2011)

In 2006 when I decided to take knowledge that had been built up running coaching holidays and turn it into a book. The idea was to take a different approach from the norm and write a book that helped people succeed on routes, rather than dwelling on the ropework and protection aspects of the sport (that climbers rarely struggle with). This is the core text for many professional climbing teachers, and was revised and updated for its second edition in 2011.

"I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to take their climbing to the next level." Chris Sharma

Trad Climbing+

Trad Climbing+ by Adrian Berry and John Arran (2007)

This was the logical follow-up to Sport Climbing+. Using the same approach as in Sport Climbing+, John and I put a huge amount of time and effort into making this book even better. During the year of production I even took a round-the-world trip to gather photos and ideas from Australia, the USA, and Canada. It soon became an approved text for the National Mountain Centre.

"The best how to book on trad climbing to date. I only wish it was around when I started climbing." Dave Macleod

Winter Climbing+

Winter Climbing+ by Neil Gresham and Ian Parnell (2009)

With both trad and sport covered, winter climbing was the natural next step. Unlike with rock climbing, I wasn't in a position to write this one, so got in contact with Ian Parnell, who in turn recruited Neil Gresham as his co-writer. It took two winters to collect all the photos and to get the text just right - but I think it was worth it.

" Speaking of the information, it’s ‘dead-on’: succinct, down to earth, highly practical but fairly comprehensive at the same time in dealing most aspects of the entire winter climbing challenge." Dave MacLeod

Haute Provence

France: Haute Provence (2009)

After Winter Climbing+ I was looking for a fresh challenge, and found it in this book. A year in production resulted in a guide to a selection of some of the finest crags in the South of France - and consequently the world. It was a huge job, but one that took me to a lot of places I'd never heard of.

"An excellent, well put together guide and a good effort by Adrian. For a sport climbing holiday this area of France should be high on everyone's list of places to visit, making this guide an essential buy". Karin Magog


France: Langedoc Rousillon (2011)

The third book in the Rockfax France series covers the extensive and fertile climbing area west of the author's previous guide to Haute Provence. The areas covered largely surround the beautiful Parc National des Cévennes, but also includes crags that are close to the cities of Nimes and Avignon. Some areas have been climbed on for generations; others are still very much in development, all will leave you hungry for more.

Gower Sport Climbing Guide

Gower Sport Climbing MiniGuide (Updated 2012)

The second edition of the popular Gower Sport Climbing Miniguide has been fully updated, and now includes the recently developed Shipwreck Cove, Prawn Zawn, and Golden Gulch, plus the recently re-equipped Bosco's Gulch and Free Luncher's Warm-up Zawn. This edition includes new photos from local activist and photographer Simon Rawlinson. This is a free update for people who purchased version 1.