Simon Rawlinson at Shipwreck Cove

We did it! We raised a total of £2,382 which has been spent on bolts and essential kit. We have equipped well over the 30 routes we set out to establish. We now have a good solid base of volunteers who have done a superb effort of cleaning and bolting the lines.

A big thanks go out to:

The Volunteers:

Roy Thomas, Simon Rawlinson, John Bullock, Al Sarhan, David Emanuel, Richie Phillips, Gordon Jenkins, Paul Twomey, and Joe Squire

The Donors:

Emma Harrington, Petter Lovehagen, Jules Clayton, UKClimbing, Robin Mcallister, Kelly Vargas, Kathryn Cooper, James Thyng, Nikuli Goile, Stephen Lucocq, Jamie Rose, Liam Bolton, Alex Wilson, Tom Beasley, Lucy Bland, Dan Svensson, Helen Kinsella, TCA Bristol, Vics Ashton, Will Johnson, Teresa Handley, Rachel Hunt, Rhys Foulkes, Justin Timms, Qasrawi Khalid, Qasrawi, Anthony Hyland, Matt Heason, Mathew Dix, David Douglas, Ben Davies, Andrew Varma, Caroline Barker, Graham Ellis, Bruce Griffin, Luke Maggs, Andrew Davies, Alex Parker, Justin Smith, Patrick Ingram, Sam Clarke, Barry Arundell, Jonathan Redshaw, Beth McKendrick, Richard Fewster, Julian Brugniaux, Neil Fowles, Martin Lane, Giles Davis, Scott Mawby, Oliver Stanley, Andrew Riley, Phil Haigh, Holly Jenkins, Jason Humphries, Caroline Mougenot, Milton Keynes MC, Jon Chapel, Cliff Woodman, Luke Brown, Edward Chapman, Duma Brickhill, James Smith, Kevin Hughes, Paul Christie, Tim Rees, Helen Bateman, Allen Weynberg, Joe Gallagher, Tanya Sage, Boulders Cardiff, and Andrew Fletcher.

The Suppliers:

Big thanks to Jim Titt at Bolt Products for supplying the superb bolts at a great price, and to Beyond Hope for supplying the big box of Prana goodies.

The route information will be available via the SWMC Wiki, UKClimbing, and the Rockfax Gower Miniguide - it will be freely available for any future guidebooks to the region.