Simon Rawlinson at Shipwreck Cove

We did it! We are just short of £2,000 raised all of which has been spent on bolts and essential kit. We have equipped well over the 30 routes we set out to establish. We now have a good solid base of volunteers* who have done a superb effort of cleaning and bolting the lines.

We have however now run out of 6mm bolts and we urgently need to buy more. We have plenty of resin, plenty of belays and all the tools we need but need more bolts! We are therefore looking to raise another £500 which should give us enough to equip all the best looking lines and reach around 50 new routes.

* A big thanks go out to: Roy Thomas, Simon Rawlinson, John Bullock, Al Sarhan, Richie Phillips, Joe Squire, and Dai!


Above: the gear ready to get placed!

Gower is rapidly developing as a unique sport climbing area. It is one of the few places it the world where you can climb above immaculate sandy beaches. Over several years, many venues have been developed by local climbers but there is a lot more potential, and you can help us realise it.

This fundraising campaign is focused on developing many new routes around the incredible find that is Shipwreck Cove, Rhossili. We are looking to equip thirty routes below 7a that are otherwise unlikely to ever be bolted. This will make the venue a lot more attractive to the average climber, to groups of mixed abilities, and to beginners. It is a very family-friendly venue - which is a rare thing!

The work will be carried out over the next twelve months (August 2013 - August 2014), when it is complete we will have a party (supported by The Climbing Academy in Bristol) on the beach to celebrate the achievement and give ourselves a pat on the back - everyone who has contributed in any way will be invited.

Routes will be mostly equipped with A4 Stainless Steel glue-in bolts from www.bolt-products.com. Protection bolts will be 6mm Twisted Leg bolts, belays will be 8mm Twisted Leg Large Eye bolts.

Money raised will be used to buy bolts, resin, replacement drill bits. Volunteer equippers will not be paid for their time, but we have budgeted to offer £5 to volunteers for each route they equip to pay for travel costs and parking (it costs £3 to park at Rhossili). A small amount of money will be used to pay for the end of project celebrations - which all contributors are invited to attend.

Funds will be prioritised for the development of routes in the grade range of 4 to 7a.

The focus of the development is area of Shipwreck Cove - and surrounding walls, though if there is excess money raised, it will be used to develop new routes on other Gower crags.

Development will be strictly in accordance with local ethics.

Route information will be freely available to all.

Donate enough money to bolt a route - and you can name it.

Amount What it buys us all
£10 1 belay, 1 bolt, and some resin
£20 1 belay, 5 bolts and some resin
£30* 1 route
£60* 2 routes
£100* 3 routes +£10 towards the bolt postage costs and something for the end of project party!

* A route varies in its length, and therefore cost, but for these purposes it is estimated at 2 belay bolts (£6.52), 7 protection bolts (£18.56), some resin (£1), resin nozzle (50p), and travel costs (£5). For each £30 you donate - you can name a route!

How to contribute

You can send a donation via Paypal - you don't need a Paypal account to do this. Just click on the 'Donate' button below and on the next page you can choose how much you want to give, and just pay by card.

Alternatively, you can use BACS to transfer money from your account to the fund's own account - this has the big advantage of not incurring any fees so more of your money goes into bolting routes. The account is in my name 'Adrian Berry' and is with the Co-Operative.

SC 08-93-00
AC 82290032

IBAN : GB51 CPBK 0893 0082 2900 32

It is important that you either include your name and email as a reference or email me (address below) so we have your email address to let you know how it's going. All donations will be personally acknowledged.

We will update this page with the amount raised, and the work that has resulted from it.

Amount raised so far £1,937

Any questions can be sent to Adrian Berry:



Q: There is already a South Wales Bolt Fund, why not just use that rather than establishing a new fund?
A: The South Wales bolt fund was established solely to fund the re-bolting of existing routes and funds raised are for that purpose only.

Q: I'd like to get involved with the bolting - can I?
A: Absolutely. We will put you in contact with one of the local guys and you can take it from there, if you're suitably experienced you can take some bolts and go to work, if you haven't done any or much bolting before, then you can assist.

Q: I want to name a route - can the name be anything I like?
A: Well... when it comes to naming routes, we will be asking for your names - but a name is forever and so we may need to negotiate a little to make your idea fit the line. Naming routes after loved-ones is fine, but names do need to be 'dressed' a little leaving perhaps a humorous play on words. Involving any obvious features of the line or nature of the climb is also a good idea. We've not done this before so it will be a question of being reasonable and coming up with something that everyone is happy with.

Q: Why can't this area just be climbed in trad style?
A: Gower has been extensively explored over the years and this area has not been climbed in trad style, despite the fact that you have to walk past it to get to the trad venue of Sheepbone Wall. Reasons include: the routes would be very hard to protect, they are mostly steep, they need to be cleaned of loose rock, they finish at a terrifying, steep grass slope about 50m long. In short, if there's a crag on Gower that hasn't been trad climbed - it's for a very good reason.

Q: You have reached the £1,000 target, do you still need more funds?
A: The more we receive, the more we can do and the better a job we can do. There are plenty of undeveloped venues entirely unsuitable for trad that we can equip, plus with more funds we can afford to invest in higher quality fixings and resins that will have the highest corrosion resistence possible. Plus, if you want to come to the party, there's only one way to get a ticket...